[ntp:questions] multiple instances of NTP on different interfaces

Abu Abdullah falcon.sheep at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 04:13:56 UTC 2013

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> Abu Abdullah wrote:
> > I'm trying to run two instances of ntp
> They are going to fight each other to discipline the system clock?

Does this mean ntpd is not supposed to be run in parallel? Is there any
option to disable adjusting the system clock?

> >  each with different interface.
> >   I want to have instance for each network.
> > I tried running multiple instances with the following
> >  configuration to avoid listening to the same local
> >  interface by the two instances:
> > interface ignore lo
> lo0 ?

loopback address, but it seems it only disables lo on ipv6. I'm not sure if
the ipv4 localhost is hardcoded into ntpd.

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