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Joe Gwinn joegwinn at comcast.net
Wed Mar 6 15:32:05 UTC 2013

In article <slrnkjcdk1.vot.kostecke at stasis.kostecke.net>, Steve
Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.org> wrote:

> On 2013-03-04, 1900116857 <1900116857 at qq.com> wrote:
> > My OS is Ubuntu12.04amd64
> NTP 4.2.6p3 is packaged for Ubuntu "precise":
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/ntp
> It is available for installation from the Ubuntu package repositories.
> You should be able to see the whether or not the ntp package is
> installed using the following command:
> $ dpkg -l ntp
> You may want to check and see if your system already has the ntp package
> provided by your OS installed.
> > I dowloaded the NTP4.2.6p5 package and installed it with following commands:
> > "configure
> > make
> > make install"
> > Installation seems successful. No error is reported. But there still
> > some other question.
> >
> > First :
> > when I typed in "services ntpd start",OS shows "unrecognized service"
> The NTP Reference Implementation source code releases, which are linked
> from www.ntp.org/downloads.html and support.ntp.org/download, do not
> install any initialization scripts as these are OS specific. In general
> you are better off installing, and using, ntp from your OS package
> management system.
> >,but udp port 123 is active.Before this,I tried to run"sudo ntpd",and
> >succeeded.
> 'sudo ntpd' starts the NTP daemon (assuming that it in your search
> path). The netstat output you included in your original article shows
> that ntpd was running.

But did the daemon have sufficient privilege to control the local
clock?  I've seen this kind of problem when the startup script didn't
give the daemon the ability to steer the clock - everything looks
normal, except the time diverges.

Joe Gwinn

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