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Thu Mar 7 12:22:46 UTC 2013

> > Why is a clock decided to be a falseticker/outlyer?
> It's 0300 where I am and I'm about to fall asleep.
> See ntp_proto.c, and look for "falseticker" and "SEL_SANE".


While reading through the source, I encountered a lot of unusual
         * Initially, we populate the island with all the rifraff peers


         * that happen to be lying around. Those with seriously
         * defective clocks are immediately booted off the island. Then,
         * the falsetickers are culled and put to sea. The truechimers

cullend and put to sea?

         * remaining are subject to repeated rounds where the most
         * unpopular at each round is kicked off. When the population
         * has dwindled to sys_minclock, the survivors split a million
         * bucks and collectively crank the chimes.

split a million bucks?

         * candidates, the Albanians have won the Byzantine wars and
         * correct synchronization is not possible.

byzantine wars?

I would like to suggest to use language without any ambiguity.
Yes, it is probably more fun for the developer this way, but for others,
especially the ones who are not native English speakers, these texts are
confusing. For example "the survivors split a million bucks": is it
supposed to be funny or does it have a special meaning?

> > Does it have to do with the stratum or are other factors the decision
> > factor?
> There are other factors.
> Sorry I'm not being more helpful.

No problem, don't feel obliged.

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