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Thu Mar 7 17:40:10 UTC 2013

On 2013-03-07, folkert <folkert at vanheusden.com> wrote:
>> > Why is a clock decided to be a falseticker/outlyer?
>> It's 0300 where I am and I'm about to fall asleep.
>> See ntp_proto.c, and look for "falseticker" and "SEL_SANE".
> Ok.
> While reading through the source, I encountered a lot of unusual
> comments:
>          * Initially, we populate the island with all the rifraff peers
> rifraff?
>          * that happen to be lying around. Those with seriously
>          * defective clocks are immediately booted off the island. Then,
>          * the falsetickers are culled and put to sea. The truechimers
> cullend and put to sea?
>          * remaining are subject to repeated rounds where the most
>          * unpopular at each round is kicked off. When the population
>          * has dwindled to sys_minclock, the survivors split a million
>          * bucks and collectively crank the chimes.
> split a million bucks?
>          * candidates, the Albanians have won the Byzantine wars and
>          * correct synchronization is not possible.
> byzantine wars?
> I would like to suggest to use language without any ambiguity.
> Yes, it is probably more fun for the developer this way, but for others,
> especially the ones who are not native English speakers, these texts are
> confusing. For example "the survivors split a million bucks": is it
> supposed to be funny or does it have a special meaning?

I am positive that no matter where you live, the television show
"Survivor" has made its appearance. 

If you do not like humour ( which I agree can in some cases not
translate well, but you are reading it in English) then reading David
Mills' code is probably not for you. 

>> > Does it have to do with the stratum or are other factors the decision
>> > factor?
>> There are other factors.
>> Sorry I'm not being more helpful.
> No problem, don't feel obliged.
> Folkert van Heusden

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