[ntp:questions] Help with Testing NTP servers

srinivas v s4srinivas at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 20 14:19:21 UTC 2013

hi ntp-questions,

I am quite new to testing and I am asked to tests time with two different NTP servers
I would need you help and advice

If there is already someone who has tested it please do let me know

Here is what I have thought of.

1. Check time with first timeserver

1.Install Operating system (say windows)
2.Set incorrect date
3.set ntp server
4.Check date is proper now (verify it with google)

check time sync

2.Check time with 2 NTP servers

1.Set incorrect date
2.Set NTP server1
3.Change timezone and change date again
4.Set NTP server 2
5.Check time is synced back to normal

any other suggestion / advice / points which I need to consider while I test NTP? 


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