[ntp:questions] Extracting ntpq like information programmatically

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Fri Mar 29 21:41:58 UTC 2013

Claudio Carbone wrote:
> On 29/03/13 19:26, Brian Utterback wrote:
>> As unruh said, if there was a way to improve the accuracy of the 
>> measurement over the network like that, NTP would already be doing it.
> If so why doesn't the offset oscillate?
> If NTP were a real compensation system, it should oscillate around the 
> setpoint.
> Instead I noticed a nearly static offset, at least during the 15 minutes 
> observation time.
> Claudio

Lots of people track their ntpd offsets. Mine give a good indication
of xtal temperature variations from both ambient day/night changes
and those caused by system load. My internet synced pcs vary within
about +/- 1ms and GPS synced within about +/- 10us.



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