[ntp:questions] Raspberry Pi stratum-1 NTP server without soldering....

Jos vd Ven jacmvdven at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 01:25:32 UTC 2013

On Friday, November 1, 2013 5:41:33 PM UTC+1, unruh wrote:
> Please do not use googlegroups to answer netnews posts. As you may be
> able to notice below, google inserts a blank line after every quoted
> line. Thus originally there was a single blank line between "For
> those who..." and "http://www...." and between that an "--" Now there
> are three. Originally there were no blank lines between "--" and
> "Cheers," and now there is one. If you reply to this they there will be
> 7 between "For those.." and "http:" and "--" and three between "--" and
> "Cheers," etc. And there will be one blank line between each of the
> lines in my post. Google is an idiot in their handling of google groups. 
> Note that while it is possible that google in its display to you does
> not show those blank lines ( and thus does not show the blank line
> before "Note.." above, be assured that it does insert those blank lines. 

I see, thanks. I did a lot of editing now.


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