[ntp:questions] NTP not syncing

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Sun Nov 3 23:35:38 UTC 2013

Antonio Marcheselli wrote:
>>> Same server, same network, what happened??
>> Ntpd is intended to run continuously, here I've seen uptimes
>> of +200 days. Older releases of ntpd don't behave at all well
>> if repeatedly restarted so above method is same as I use when
>> restarting after an outage, especially if the battery backed
>> RTC is not keeping good time during the outage.
> The clock is synced to an NTP server at boot using NTPDATE, before ntpd 
> starts.
> Today drift is 60 and offsets are around 8. Looks good.

You know what's good?

from: ntp3.lordynet.org NetBSD-6.1, i386, ntpd 4.2.6p5:
$ cat /var/db/ntp/ntpd.drift

from ntpq -crv

Your ntpd 4.2.4 is from 2008 through 2009 and offsets with
that version might not have been much worse than from 4.2.6p5
but correction of drift above 50 ppm was not good or even
impossible. Ntpd 4.2.6p5 also converges to a reasonable low
offset much faster after ntpd is restarted. I have an idea
that ntpd 4.2.8 is very near to release.

Your problem may not be with the setup of ntpd and you really
need to know what cpu optimisations, if any, are enabled. Some
optimisations for energy consumption are incompatible with
running an ntpd service. I can't help you with bios settings
or diagnostics for your motherboard settings. You might find
some information in dmesg but again that requires familiarity
with your hardware.


> Thanks
> Antonio

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