[ntp:questions] NTP clients

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Thu Nov 7 07:53:56 UTC 2013

Nomen Nescio wrote:
>> simple command AFIK. As ntpd can also be configured to broadcast time,
> How? Could you point me out on relevant FAQ?

I find manycast has much more value.

# e.g. ntp.conf for ALL your (Clients and/or Servers)
 keys "/etc/ntp.keys" # e.g. contains: 123 M LAN_MD5_KEY , 321 M Corp_MD5_KEY , ...
 trustedkey 123 321
 tos cohort 1 orphan 10
 restrict source nomodify
 manycastclient key 123 preempt
 multicastclient key 123 preempt
 pool pool.ntp.org preempt   # Won't hurt anything if the internet can't be reached

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