[ntp:questions] Strange refid

A C agcarver+ntp at acarver.net
Mon Nov 11 08:32:53 UTC 2013

On 11/11/2013 00:01, mike cook wrote:
> Le 11 nov. 2013 à 07:35, A C a écrit :
>> Anyone care to explain what this refid means?  This is from the
>> billboard on one of my machines.  This came from the round-robin DNS
>> pool but I couldn't tell you which round-robin provided it other than
>> one of the North America or US pools.
>>>  .M-F.\..          16 u   86  512  376   58.947  -201.11 138.426
>     one can fudge the refid to any string <= 4 characters.. Try   ;-)   . Unfortunately, "without patching" it is bounded by full stops.

Yeah, I know it can be fudged, I do it on my refclocks.  This one was
just very odd.  It was also transient so I imagine some type of memory
or file corruption because it has since corrected itself.

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