[ntp:questions] Strange refid

Erwan David erwan at rail.eu.org
Tue Nov 12 18:38:09 UTC 2013

John Hasler <jhasler at newsguy.com> disait le 11/12/13 que :

> Brian Utterback writes:
>> However, it begs the question of why somebody thought that printing
>> "M-" before characters with the high order bit turned on would be a
>> good idea.
> ASCII characters with the high bit turned on are control characters.

Or something else... This depends on the charset.

éàç have high bit on in iso-8859-1 which should be used for this message
(or if I failed it will be UTF-8 and they will be made of 2 bytes with
high bit on).

Les simplifications c'est trop compliqué

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