[ntp:questions] Is there something with greater detail on "interface" besides the manpage?

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Fri Nov 22 07:05:10 UTC 2013

mike cook wrote:
> I plugged "certificates" into the NTF web sites search box
>  and got no hits. Is there a policy doc on this?
>  As a comment to lead OL. We are now in a situation where
>   we can only trust our enemies. CAcert.org is an Australian
>    based org IIRC.
> They are in the same "Trust" league as the US, UK, CAN, all
>  of whom have proved to be woefully lacking in probity.

FYI: Bottom left corner of <support.ntp.org> has a
 "SSL SECURITY" "GET ROOT CERT" Link <http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3>


Everyone trusts France, they just can't depend on them?

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