[ntp:questions] status information after ntpd -q

joeri delvoy boterhoeksken at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 10:58:22 UTC 2014

i would like to use the command "ntpd -q" to synchronize with a server once,
but i need some feedback from the command about the status.

I receive the server name and configuration (like if authentication is to be used, and the according keys) from the user of my program,
so i need to be able to give instant feedback on the command.

The minimum feedback i would need is :
1.if the authentication is succeeded, and if not what is the cause of it.
2.if the server is reachable.
3.the server timed out (i don't know if the "ntpd -q" command has an option to specify the timeout?)

When i use "ntpq -c as" to get some status, i have noticed that this command only works when the ntp daemon is running.
As soon as i stop the ntp (with "service ntp stop"), i get the error "ntpq: read: Connection refused".

Furthermore i noticed that the command "timedatectl status" gives me back that the NTP is enabled, even though i stopped the NTP service.

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