[ntp:questions] status information after ntpd -q

joeri delvoy boterhoeksken at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 10:31:10 UTC 2014

6. since the logfile of the ntpd command does not give info on the status of the command, i'm trying to use the stats to get my info:
in the protostats i do not understand what the status word means:
i have a status word 8024 next to the message "reachable".
(it is not clear from the docs http://doc.ntp.org/4.2.6p2/decode.html: 
is it a system status word or a peer status word? )

I do not understand how i translate status word 8024 into the event message "reachable".  

Let me try to translate 8024 according to the above docs into a peer status word:
(first of all, the docs are explaining that bits 0-5 are "status", but my assumption is that they start counting from the MSB instead of the LSB)
80 == status 8 and select 0: 
status 8 means "persistent assoc": i expect the status to be 10 if the message is "reachable".
select 0 means "sel_reject": could be, i don't know if that info is valuable for me.

24: count + last event:
count = 2 : could be, i don't know from which point they start counting the events, and how to reset this counter.
4: last event code: reachable: that could be correct, as this is also the message i see next to the status word.

Conclusion: translated into peer status word, the "status" is not correct according the event message.

Let me try to translate it into a system status word:

80 == leap + source:
leap = 3: leap_alarm (never synchronized) : this is not possible, as the ntpd exits normally.
source = 0 : sync_unspec : not yet synchronized: same remark.
24 : count + event :
count = 2: could be, don't know where the counter starts.
event = 4: freq_mode: does not make sense.

Conclusion: translated into system status word, it does not make sense.

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