[ntp:questions] status information after ntpd -q

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Thu Feb 6 20:42:37 UTC 2014

joeri delvoy writes:
> Hello Harlan,
> i'm one step further, but struggling again:
> 1. i downloaded the source code from ntp.org
> 2. did a cross-compile for arm with .././configure --target=arm --build=amd64
>  --prefix=/tmp/ntp/ --program-prefix=armv5te
> 3. instead of "make install" i need to wrap the code into a ipk package, whic
> h i can install on my device.
> Which parts of the output from point 2 do i need to package into an ipk so i 
> can use sntp (i don't need all the rest like ntpd or ntpq)?

You probably want to: make install DESTDIR=...
and do your packaging from the software installed in the destination

If you want to you could also create a target-specific file in sntp/loc/
that would only build the parts you wanted and put them in the location
in DESTDIR that you want.  That will probably expose some bugs because
you'd be the first known "user" of that capability.


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