[ntp:questions] Remote access to http based service

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Sat Feb 15 08:49:52 UTC 2014

jtrick77 at gmail.com wrote:
> I am looking for some way to poll a synced stratum 2 NTP server
> over an http connection every hour or so to obtain the
>  current time in milliseconds.


Use ntpd to sync your PC with your NTP server, or the NTP pool then:

  <TITLE> Time </TITLE>
   <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Date,Time">
   <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Date,Time">
    var d=new Date();
    var n = d.getUTCMilliseconds();
    var UTCFullYear = d.getUTCFullYear();
    var UTCMonth = d.getUTCMonth();
    var UTCDate = d.getUTCDate();
    var UTCDay = d.getUTCDay();
    var UTCHours = d.getUTCHours();
    var UTCMinutes = d.getUTCMinutes();
    var UTCSeconds = d.getUTCSeconds();
    var UTCMilliseconds = d.getUTCMilliseconds();
    document.write(UTCFullYear,"-",UTCMonth,"-",UTCDate," ",UTCHours,":",UTCMinutes,":",UTCSeconds,".",UTCMilliseconds);

Use ntpd to sync your web server(s) with your NTP server, or the NTP pool then:
 Add the feature to web pages on your own web server(s)?
  PHP, PERL, Java, ... other CGIs, SSI ?
  ... whatever other language you may be developing in <http://currentmillis.com/>

e.g.  PHP

$t = microtime(true);
$micro = sprintf("%06d",($t - floor($t)) * 1000000);
$d = new DateTime( date('Y-m-d H:i:s.'.$micro,$t) );
print $d->format("Y-m-d H:i:s.u");

function timeAndMilliseconds()
    $m = explode(' ',microtime());
    return array($m[1], (int)round($m[0]*1000,3));
list($totalSeconds, $extraMilliseconds) = timeAndMilliseconds();
echo date("d-m-Y H:i:s", $totalSeconds) . ".$extraMilliseconds\n";
echo date("d-m-Y H:i:s") . "\n";

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