[ntp:questions] error message on startup

Dwayne Hottinger dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us
Fri Feb 28 17:00:23 UTC 2014

Ive just finished upgrading ntp to version Ver. 4.2.7p421 in order to keep
from becoming a ddos member.  I changed the init.d script to point to
/usr/local/bin/ntp if I run the script I get the following error message
 ntpd error:  'ntp' is not a recognizable number.  I can start manually
 /usr/local/bin/ntpd -u ntp -p /var/run/ntpd.pid and it seems to run.
 However, Im not able to sync with my internal network.  I added the
following to my ntp.conf file:
###Added 02/28/2014 for security and ddos should prohibit outside access
restrict default ignore
##For internal 10. network and public ips allows ourservers to still work
restrict mask nomodify notrap

I most certainly am missing something somewhere since my internal clients
cant sync with my ntp server.  Can anyone nudge me in the right direction?

Dwayne Hottinger
Network Administrator
Harrisonburg City Public Schools

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