[ntp:questions] server in ntp.conf, but symetric active packets

Brandon Applegate brandon at burn.net
Wed Jan 1 16:34:53 UTC 2014


I believe my issue could be the same as:


Esentially, I have ntpd configured with my GPS+1PPS (working fine).  I 
also have several servers configured (^server in config).  For the most 
part this has worked as expected/documented.

I added a few servers yesterday and noticed that they showed up as 
symmetric active in 'ntpdc listpeers'.  My understanding is that is what 
should come up if they were configured with peer statements.

Looking at tcpdump, and after a fresh restart - I see that I am the one 
setting symmetric active flags in the first packet (!!).  No idea if this 
is related, but these packets also come out as NTP v3 (as oppose to v4 for 
all my other configured 'normal' servers).

On a fresh linux VM with a standard distro ntpd (Ubuntu 12.04) with these 
two problematic servers configured, I get expected behavior (i.e. client 
mode packets @ NTP v4).

I'm running 4.2.6p5 on x86_64 Linux.

I can provide more information (i.e. billboard or conf snippets) if they 
will help.

Thanks in advance and happy new year.

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