[ntp:questions] better rate limiting against amplification attacks?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Thu Jan 16 10:10:59 UTC 2014

Rob writes:
> Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.org> wrote:
> > So please complain as much as you want.  Please volunteer as much as you
> > want.  Please financially support Network Time as much as you want.  I
> > also invite folks to pay attention to what they want to "get", and see
> > how what they are and are not doing correlates to what they are and are
> > not getting.
> In case you are not noticing it yourself (and it looks like it):
> Lots of people refrain from volunteering with the ntpd project because
> of the harsh and offensive attitude towards any change suggestions.

I'd sincerely appreciate seeing some concrete examples.

> I would not want to waste my time to convice people in your project that
> a correct example config file would be a boon to the project, and find
> team members against me that try to explain that it is not their business
> to know what the distributors want or what the users want.

Then you've not been paying attention.

> I have seen similar debates around change suggestions in the algorithms
> of the clock synchronization itself.

This particular issue should be resolved after the major rewrite planned
for the next major release, as that will allow folks to run the stock
synch algorithms or ones of their choosing.

> Finding volunteers will probably be quite difficult.

It has been, and I'm pretty sure if we "opened the gates" wider the
result of that would be something pretty unpleasant.


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