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Please quote just enough so that your reply makes sense in context.
Unless you have a very good reason to quote more, a good guideline is
that the amount of quoted matter should be less than the amount of new
matter. If the previous author was long-winded and any direct quote is
too long, write a one- or two-line summary in lieu of a quote.

"Play Nice on Usenet"

"How do I quote correctly in Usenet?"

"Quoting style in newsgroup postings"

"Bottom vs. top posting and quotation style on Usenet"

"The advantages of Usenet's quoting conventions"

>> I am not saying that you should use only one server: I am saying that
>> using two is bad, and that you should use four.


> Reading: http://www.ntp.org/ntpfaq/NTP-s-algo-real.htm#Q-NTP-ALGO
> Two time sources cannot be split into two parties where one has a majority.
> What does this majority means?

A majority is a subset of a set consisting of more than half of the
set's elements.

In the case of a set consisting of two members each of the two possible
subsets consists of one member; exactly half the set. Neither of these
subsets are a majority.

Majority subsets may be extracted from sets consisting of three, or
more, members.

The thread starting at
contains some good discussion which may be pertinent to understanding
how NTP finds this majority.

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