[ntp:questions] Crypto Association Flags - IFF scheme with flags=0x87f21

ardi peter.knezel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 09:34:01 UTC 2014

According to http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Support/ConfiguringAutokey#Section_6.7.4

the crypto accociation flags can be checked.

I have set up autokey between server and client using IFF keys scheme
ans watching flags on client it shows:
flags=0x87f21 which is using 5 digits after x.

But the table uses only 4 digits.
What does 8 in flags=0x87f21 mean?

according to above link:
#define CRYPTO_FLAG_IFF   0x0020 /* IFF identity scheme */
can this be used as verification that i am using correctly the IFF scheme?

Thanks for the explanation.

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