[ntp:questions] ntp.keys content - type M, MD5, SHA1 or other?

ardi peter.knezel at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 13:03:28 UTC 2014

Is there any difference using
ntp.keys generated:

a) manually via inserting key-id, type=M, and string with any lengths like:
1 M fjfjfksdflsjflkfj
2 M asdkjweiuffff.NEEw.EEEERTyfsd
3 M qweddfkfd..-drftGTG
12 M QWERtrtv.444


b) via ntp-keygen -M and using some of these keys like:

 cat /etc/ntp.keys
2 MD5 b}{Bv{kYk)cgu4tkisyJ  # MD5 key
3 MD5 aJ%?my1je"9HE]7w,(.J  # MD5 key
11 SHA1 2986d98534fe42377a7152161e9fa8e8816fde10  # SHA1 key
12 SHA1 3580c71679004c939af97abdf67a11ec772254b3  # SHA1 key

when using trustedkeys
keys /etc/ntp.keys
setting in ntp.conf

Can all types be used on NTP v4 and v3?
BTW, i have tried a), b) and it worked.
Thanks for the explanation.

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