[ntp:questions] Meinberg Configuration Help

boostinbadger at gmail.com boostinbadger at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 21:47:13 UTC 2014

OK...so I owe a little more explanation into my issue here.  I was able to get my NTP server patched up and everything seemed to be working fine.  I am working from home today due to the weather so I logged into my pfsense firewall to see how everything was working.  I noticed I had a large amount of traffic outbound but hardly any inbound.  I stopped my NTP server and it didn't seem to make a difference.  I started unplugging uplinks, etc to see if I could narrow down the issue.  I started a packet capture from the firewall and I could see a lot of traffic outbound from my WAN interface on 123.  I  then started a capture on my LAN but did not see any traffice using 123.  I could not figure out how this was possible.  I started snooping aroun the firewall and found that I guess I inadvertently configured my firewall as an NTP server too.  It must be plagued by the same issue as my NTP server was.  I guess that explains why I kept receiving the message that my server was capable of receiving management queries even after I changed the config on my server.  Now that the NTP server on the firewall is disabled and my server is patched up traffic has returned to normal and my server passes the management query check.

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