[ntp:questions] Indirect GPS time source options

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Fri Mar 14 07:12:21 UTC 2014

Olivier Drouin wrote:
> The thing with CDMA is that it looks like it'll not be
>  around for many years and I haven't seen any equipement
>  for 4g, hspa, LTE, etc...

IIRC, HSPA, UMB, UMTS, EVDO and EVDV are all CDMA based 3G?
      LTE run with GSM or CDMA?

       Can you get a modem with LTE, and neither GSM or CDMA?
       I'm fairly certain you can get a WiMax Modem without either.

 Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Cricket, and MetroPCS all use CDMA

  MetroPCS (T-Mobil CDMA), is supposed to be toast by 2016.

  Cricket is getting borged by ATT
   {Who knows what they will do with the CDMA, since ATT is GSM}.

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