[ntp:questions] IEEE 1588 (PTP) at the nanosecond level?

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> Joe Gwinn wrote:> Magnus Danielson wrote:
>>> Joe Gwinn wrote:
>>>> Yes.  My question is basically a query about the current state
>>>>  of the art [in PTP].
>>> The state of the art is not yet standard and not yet off the shelf
>>> products, if you want to call it PTP.
>> This is my fear and instinct.  But people read the adverts and will
>> continue to ask.  And some customers will demand.  So, I'm digging
>> deeper.
>> Are there any good places to start?

You might want to look at
Richard E. Schmidt and Blair Fonville
Time Service Department, U.S. Naval Observatory
For the past 16 years, USNO?s Network Time Protocol (NTP) stratum-1 servers have been synchronized to
its Master Clocks via IRIG-B time code on a low-frequency RF distribution system. The availability of
Precise Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE-1588) host-based interfaces will enable the deployment of NTP servers
fed by IEEE-1588 over conventional Ethernet networks. This paper describes a PTP GrandMaster/Slave
network which maintains synchronization of internal (stratum-0) NTP reference clocks to within tens of
nanoseconds. The configuration of a PTP network and the effects of various PTP configuration options are

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