[ntp:questions] Quality vs. Quantity

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at tmsw.no
Sun Mar 23 07:43:17 UTC 2014

Daniel Quick wrote:
> While this should be obvious, I always have to ask how and why...
> While considering that the number of requests to our time servers
> will grow over time since the client decides which server to sync
> with.
> Do we want a Netspeed setting that assists with taking the load off
> some of the more heavily, higher-speed servers? or do we want to keep
> a setting where we serve fewer clients with the highest resolution of
> time given specific setup and let the client queries grow from there?
> I suppose this also takes into the smart dns load-balancing that goes
> on in the background.

You really do NOT want load-balancing of ntp servers!!!

Put them all in a pool and let the clients connect to all, distributing 
the load automatically.

> Any input would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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