[ntp:questions] Quality vs. Quantity

Paul tik-tok at bodosom.net
Mon Mar 24 18:32:04 UTC 2014

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Terje Mathisen <terje.mathisen at tmsw.no>
> Huh?
> I'd rather expect the current trends to continue, with more and more gear
starting to use (often very bad subsets of) the ntp protocol for time sync.

The fastest growing device (and for many many people the only) segment is
mobile.  They don't use NTP pool* resources.  Apple devices use Apple
servers (slowly).  I expect most mobile devices get time from the mobile
network (I don't know about random other tablets).  I have appliances that
use NTP.  Some point to specific places, some use pool, some use DHCP and
some let you specify via a web page.  I don't think the future is the past
where a few thousand misconfigured SOHO routers escape into the wild and
grind someone down.

It may not be fair to exclude zillions of machines using bootleg copies of
windows but I do.

> In an idea world we would have lots & lots of S1 and S2 servers all
around the world, and all the clients would use 'pool' to automatically
detect the best servers to connect to.

In my ideal world the GPS everyone is carrying around would be an SNTP
server for that person.

*I still don't really understand the original question but perhaps it was
about pool.ntp.org.

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