[ntp:questions] Three NTP servers, one strange IP-address in 'refid'

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Mon Mar 31 18:44:04 UTC 2014

Quoting Rob (nomail at example.com):
> >| root at dns1:~# ntpq -c lpeers
> >| ===============================
> >| *someserver.tld  .PPS.
> >| +someserver2.tld .GPS.
> >| -someserver3.tld .PPS.
> >|  dns2.dns.dmz.bi
> >|  dns3.dns.dmz.bi
> >| +someserver4.tld .PPS.
> So in the above, dns2 and dns3 (two separate servers) both take their
> time from This is not a server you are talking to, but a
> server they are talking to.

Well, yes. You would say that. But dns2 and dns3 *also* sync to
someserver.tld primarily(*), with two reference/fallback sources(+) and
one not considered(-). They both show either dns1 and dns2 or dns1 and
dns3 as syncing to

I can't find this IP, or any hostname resolving to this IP, in any of my
configs. So i'm inclined to go with David Woolley's comment: 'refids are
opaque'. Opaque as that remark may be. ;-))

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