[ntp:questions] Fwd: Re: Best ways to get the reference times from ntp

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Wed May 7 17:30:46 UTC 2014

Maximilian Brehm wrote:
> Let's assume in a simple setup we have 3 systems A, B, and C.
>  A is a NTP server (stratum 1 or 2) on the internet,
>  B is a local server with a standard oscillator,
>  and C is a system in the same network as A with a
>   temperature-stable oscillator (and a known frequency offset in ppm).
>  C does not provide absolute timestamps but only timestamps
>   relative to an unspecific epoch (e.g. its starting time).
>  C sends B those timestamps and on arrival they may be passed
>   to NTP or another program via a sufficient interface
>   (e.g. shared memory).
>  The system clock of B is synchronized via NTP with A as server.

I think most would just sync C to A & B,
 however it seems you're trying to do something most
 would not (seemingly backwards remote sync?),
 for some reason beyond my current comprehension.

You might checkout radclock, it can have multiple different
 software clocks IIRC, maybe you can rewrite its source
 to accomplish your goals.


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