[ntp:questions] NTP aaccount password

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Thu May 29 18:47:58 UTC 2014

> BlackLists wrote:
>> Its a hidden windows user, just make the ntp user visible,
>>   {Search the registry for SpecialAccounts,
>>     remove it from the UserList,
>>     it won't be hidden anymore}
Danny Mayer wrote:
> No, it's just a windows account.
> You don't say what version of Windows you are running
>  so it's hard to advise on how to find it.
> I don't know how Meinberg's installer works so I don't
>  know if it uses a fixed account name.
> Huh? You cannot normally search the Registry for SAM accounts.

I beg to differ on both counts above.
 (At least based on M$'s Key Names, and Labels in utilities).

e.g. Win XP-Pro-32-SP3, A (Administrator) search of the registry for "SpecialAccounts"
lead to the following KeyName where DWORD "NTP" with value zero can be found.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

Before deleting the NTP dword, it did not appear under Control Panel -> User Accounts,
 after deleting the dword, it does "NTP Service Account"; You can also find it under:
  Administrator Tools, Computer Management, Local Users and Groups, Users.

 This is likely from a Meinberg 4.2.4 circa 2008 or 2009 install;
  {Last updated to 4.2.7p440}.

 I'll try the same on a Win7 of some flavor. if I find the time.

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