[ntp:questions] Windows-ntp on a vps creates a bigger and bigger delay?

gooly gooly at gmx.at
Mon Sep 1 16:01:42 UTC 2014


I just installed ntp on my Win 7 pc where it runs perfectly the 
difference is around 0,5 sec.

Then I installed ntp on my 2008 R 2vps where the delay gets bigger and 
bigger, around 12 sec per 30 min ??

For both installations I used more or less the default suggestion of ntp.

Is anybody here who can tell me what's going wrong?
What I can do instead of restating ntp again and again as after a 
restart the delay is practically 0?

Here is an example the delay to ts1.aco.net but I was using 
ptbtime3.ptb.de before that and had the same results:

16:29:07 avg. delay:  1,60 prv:  0,00 next check: 16:54:21
16:54:29 avg. delay: 12,99 prv:  1,60 next check: 17:24:21
17:24:30 avg. delay: 25,20 prv: 12,99 next check: 17:54:21
17:54:29 avg. delay: 39,52 prv: 25,20 next check: 18:24:21

I first tried the the ntp suggestion to create the ntp-user to run ntp.
Now I re-installed ntp to define the Win.-User SYSTEM (no good as ntp 
says) to run ntp but the result hasn't changed at all.

My time-check uses one of the ntp-server for ntp.

If I (re-) start ntp the delay is immediately practically 0 and as of 
then the vps-clock creeps on..

Thanks in advance,

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