[ntp:questions] Best practices

psfletcher.pf at googlemail.com psfletcher.pf at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 4 18:39:22 UTC 2014

Hi new to the groups so please bare with me.
When you say DC if your talking about ms DC then the win32t service in the servers is only good to 2 minutes.
I would recommend a NTP implention. Something like the meinburg NTP client which is a port of the ntpd client.
Also Cisco recommendations is to peer like strium devices but Cisco devices are not designed as time servers.
But Cisco suggest that the hold over for there kit is approx 0.824 sec/day so you need to sure that you keep them all in sync!

But as long as you have 3+ time sources ideally strium 1 you should be fine! (Always have a odd number if you can).
Then peer each strium down.


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