[ntp:questions] Questions from people whose return address is gmail, googlemail, Yahoo, etc.

Charles Elliott elliott.ch at comcast.net
Mon Sep 8 11:56:54 UTC 2014

It is not a prank, and I am not sure why the message came 
thru as double spaced.

I use Outlook, 2007.  William Unruh constantly complains that
the long message lines transmitted by Outlook are not easily
read in Linux-based email clients.  So I edited the message
to produce narrow lines by inserting carriage returns.  
Perhaps the result was the double 
spacing.  However, that is the first time I have seen that
result.  Unruh, whose return address is unruh at invalid.ca,
which does not accept email, complained anyway.  To Hell
with him.

While my examples were not particularly realistic, my point was
that I object to giving out detailed, highly technical, information
to people who we cannot identify, particularly if it is security 

I used to work for a company that manufactures real time
computer control systems for the electrical power generation
industry.  The current president of that company's successor
is one of my PhD advisors.  The only justification for a 
computer in a power Station is that it greatly increases safety.  
AFAIK, there has never been a major disaster in a power plant 
controlled by a real time computer system.

Time is very important to electric power generating stations
because of the equipment damage that can result from connecting
a tie line to an electrical generator if the two are not in
electrical synchronization, i.e., in phase with each other.

Some electric power companies, such as Hurricane Electric,
also serve up time via NTPD.

Therefore, as a safety measure, I don't want to help people
we cannot identify to understand the inner workings of NTPD,
particularly its security features.  Is it too much to ask
that NTP questions list users give identifiable email 
return addresses so we can find out where they are located
and who they represent?

Charles Elliott

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> > Some day, is it going to be important to ISIS to have accurate time
> to
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> > infrastructure in some Western country?
> To charles.elliott316 at comcast.net, assuming this isn't a troll, no.
> However despite the previously expressed somewhat fringe views from
> elliott.ch at verizon and elliott.ch at comcast the message at hand seems
> odd.  E.g. why is it the only message I've seen (admittedly a quick
> look) that is double spaced and from charles.elliott316 at comcast.net?
> The concepts and proposals are so completely absurd that I suspect a
> prank.
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