[ntp:questions] Compensating for asymmetric delay on a per-peer/server basis?

Rich Wales richw at richw.org
Tue Sep 9 19:17:43 UTC 2014

Is there a way to compensate for asymmetric delay to/from one specific
peer or server?

My home LAN is connected to my school's network via a cable modem.
There appears to be a consistent asymmetry of 2-3 msec between my home
and the school's network.  I can see this by comparing the time on
my home server (which is synced to a local GPS) with the time on the
school servers (which are synced to on-campus GPSes).

I would like to be able to use the campus network as a backup time
source for my home LAN, but only if I can somehow compensate for the
asymmetry introduced by the cable modem infrastructure.

The asymmetry does not appear to be traffic-dependent; I see pretty
much the same offset (between 2 and 3 msec) at any time, day or night.

I'm running NTP version 4.2.6p5 at 1.2349-o.

Rich Wales
richw at richw.org

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