[ntp:questions] no drift-file on 2008 R2 vps and the time diff. is getting bigger and bigger?

gooly gooly at gmx.at
Sun Sep 14 10:26:53 UTC 2014


Am 14.09.2014 11:00, schrieb William Unruh:
>> Does this mean ntp will not even try to set the clock - it just gives up?
> Yes. If the drift is greater than 500 it gives up.
It means I have to 'enrich' my own powershell-script (based on Chris' 
for a continuous time setting.

So now I have some questions about the access of the ntp-server - may be 
you can help me here.

Btw I would have no problem to publish it - as soon as it is working
with an enhanced time set more than just once every 30 Minutes or every 
15 min if a second higher limit is triggered.

1) I guess at least some ntp-server do have a limit to access. How often 
npt is requesting the time, how does it deal with those limits?

2) My approach in my script is as follows:
I have a huge list of ntp-server around the world (well, mainly Germany 
and Austria) and at first it requests the ntp-time from all, and sort 
this server-list acc. to their delay of the request and then it takes 
the 'fastest' for a check every 30 Minutes until the time difference 
becomes bigger than a limit. Than again it checks all the nt-server and 
choose the fastest which is in most cases another server.
(comments, advices?)

3) Now I need to set 'continuously' the clock during the check interval:
Let's take my vps: 7 sec delay per 15 min,
that is 7.78 msec delay per 1 second.
or 470 msc delay per 1 min.
-> When would you set the clock using this drift?

Thanks in advance,

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