[ntp:questions] no drift-file on 2008 R2 vps and the time diff. is getting bigger and bigger?

gooly gooly at gmx.at
Wed Sep 17 18:19:40 UTC 2014

Am 17.09.2014 17:41, schrieb Rob:
> gooly <gooly at gmx.at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to thank you for the support but at the end I gave up trying to
>> use ntp.
>> I am now sync the vps by Windows' Internet-Time-sync every 5 min and
>> I'll  start looking for another provider.
> Ok, that is probably best.
> By the way, when you are looking for really accurate time, I advise
> you to also look for another operating system.
I would like to use linux - beside I think it is better than Windows it 
is cheaper than all the Windows-server!

But I have to run a Windows-program (Metatrader) and I don't want to use 
I'll try a dedicated server Jan. 2015..

I don't need an atomic clock precision. I just want to be able to load 
the csv-logfiles and sort them acc. to different columns and finally 
acc. to the time stamp and if the time differs for several seconds and 
is re-set during logging I just can't use the logfiles!

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