[ntp:questions] Query regarding the relationship between jitter and Polling frequency

Sumesh_Surendran at Dell.com Sumesh_Surendran at Dell.com
Wed Sep 10 07:21:31 UTC 2014


         This is a query regarding synchronization with the NTP server. Whether the initial synchronization (for testing purpose we use large skew) at any cost depends on the reference clock's precision. I am trying to synchronize with two NTP servers and for one it is taking pretty much time to do initial synch up. The other one it happens pretty much quick. We are seeing, while doing ntpq -c peer, the difference lie in the jitters. When there is more value in jitter it is doing more numbers of polling before synchronization. The poll interval is default which is 64 sec.

Can you please confirm the relationship between jitters and polling frequency before synch. Or is there any other possibility for the duration difference..?

Thank you.

With regards
Sumesh S

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