[ntp:questions] Observation with ntp4.2.8 at p4-request inputs

Sowmya Manapragada skoganty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 03:26:23 UTC 2015

Hello All,
Just wanted to check if what I am observing with4.2.8p4 is as expected or I
missed out something because I don't see this with older 4.2.8p2/p3
:I have a client having 2 NTP servers (both servers in my LAN ), client
makes one as a peer ( to which it is currently synced) and other as a
candidate; the peer (server) goes down, my client at least waited 7 to 8
min to reject this peer server and choose the available one... Checked in
Mein berg monitor tool also and rv0 command ... The status word just don't
show that client rejected server until 7 to 8 minutes... Wire shark
correctly shows no packets exchanged between my clint and peer ( right from
moment when server which is down)..my client ntp.conf is standard with an
Thanks in advance

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