[ntp:questions] Is there an easier way to hook a GPS clock to NTP or a free shortwave audio line level out?

Nate Homier ntp at universal-mechanism.org
Sun Dec 13 16:06:49 UTC 2015

I am using a system76.com Wild Dog Pro desktop computer running Ubuntu 
15.10, I bought it in December 2015.  It has no serial port.  I have a 
Shortwave radio if that will work to hook up to NTP.  Researching the 
net reveals many howto for hooking up GPS OEM radios.  This usually 
involves soldering, cutting and working with little tiny things, all of 
which I am terrible at.  I have heard of GPS radios that plug into your 
PCI-E slot, now that sounds cool, but pricey.

Does anybody have any recommendation as to how I can turn myself into 
an accurate stratum 0 or 1 client, I am not interested in being a 
server.  In case your wondering why, I don't know why, I do have an 
official diagnosis of OCD, that might explain it.  Not accurate time 
bothers me a lot.

I have an Eton E1 HF receiver that keeps it's clock accurate via the HF 
time bands, but not the LF band, strange, on the other hand your 
guaranteed to get an HF signal worldwide as opposed to LF.  It also has 
an audio line out and does anybody have any experience with line level 
audio for time keeping.  Maybe I should start there before forking over 
the cash for some project I can't finish.

Here's what I'm willing to do.

Do the shortwave radio thing first.  Free and what I learn from it I 
can apply to below.

Buy an PCI-E port serial card, one that you guys tell me to buy, budget 
Buy an GPS PCI-E card or external device.  I can't give you a figure 
for what I'm willing to pay because I have no idea what they cost.

Just doing this for fun.  Love NTP.

Currently I am getting Internet through my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 
Edge WiFi hotspot.  -102 dBm and 38 asu signal, poor signal for 4G LTE.  
Once I get up in the morning I turn off the Internet at about 11 am and 
the computer won't see a connection again until 8 or 9 pm.  So NTP is 
only connected during the night when I'm sleeping.  Anybody know how I 
can keep track of clock drift when NTP gets woken up at night, be 
interesting to see how accurate the motherboard is.

My current NTP stats.

First one is from peer.awk

ident                       cnt  mean     rms     max      delay    
dist     disp
==========================================================================                 21   30.724   60.139  161.716  103.967  
989.601  149.718
2604:a880:800:10::bc:c00d   19    8.736   16.624   32.476  134.039  
499.117   42.186               18   19.069   23.196   46.512  141.819  
495.233   44.446
2001:67c:1560:8003::c7      17   -2.631   18.085   41.863  204.340  
173.570   23.222               18   37.286   26.949   50.019  147.775  
174.419   39.181

nate at frontier:~$ ntpq -p
      remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  
+deekayen.net     2 u  554 1024  377  135.533  -23.196  
*time.tritn.com    2 u  531 1024  377   82.637  -26.905  
+2604:a880:800:1   2 u  592 1024  377  149.243  -23.740  
+      2 u 1007 1024  377  109.755    5.461  
+golem.canonical  2 u  488 1024  377  182.265  -44.495 

Sincerely Nate.

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