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Charles Elliott elliott.ch at comcast.net
Thu Dec 17 10:55:26 UTC 2015

Using the link-local address does not work on my LAN.  The external facing
server on my LAN is and has link-local IPv6
address fe80::41f5:e784:2a07:5e55.  I can ping and tracert
fe80::41f5:e784:2a07:5e55, but if I put fe80::41f5:e784:2a07:5e55 in the
ntp.conf file, this computer cannot access the time from 78.  In addition,
if I put fe80::41f5:e784:2a07:5e55, instead of or,
in the Meinberg NTP Time Server Monitor in the Configuration tab, I can no
longer monitor the status of 192.168.0/1.78.

Charles Elliott

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Does open source ntpd support using IPv6 link local addresses for
client/server/peer modes?  I have not been able to use link local addresses
to peer 2 servers on the same subnet.


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