[ntp:questions] set server to a non utc time by hand

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This is probably not exactly what you want, but perhaps the idea will help.
In the class java.time.Clock documentation, the authors show users how to
inject a version of the Clock class into their program that will dispense
any time needed for debugging purposes.  In other words, within a Java
program one version of the clock can be used for debugging and another for
regular time in a production environment.

BTW, NTPD at least used to have a simulator mode that it could be started
in.  I am not sure if that mode is still supported, nor do I know how to use
it.  You could ask on this list if the simulator mode still exists and if
documentation exists for it.

Charles Elliott

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h3x32000-sf writes:
> Hello all,
> i would like to set up an ntp-server thats does not give back the 
> correct utc time, but for example utc-1 or another "wrong" time 
> computed before. Until now the only way I reach ed that result was to 
> set the local clock to the wished time and to sychronize then with 
> 127.127.1.
> 1.
> This method seems to me a little unsatisfactory because i have to 
> manipulate the local time what i actually do not want.
> I already asked google but i couldnt find a solution... does anybody 
> could give me a hint or the key-word that is needed...
> Thanks, doxi

I'm not aware of anything available at the moment, but what you describe is
exactly what I have planned for NTPv5, using the General Timestamp API,
which supports multiple timescales.

Are you doing this for fun?
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