[ntp:questions] set server to a non utc time by hand

Jochen Bern Jochen.Bern at LINworks.de
Thu Dec 24 17:30:30 UTC 2015

On 12/23/2015 02:43 PM, h3x32000-sf wrote:
> i was also thinking about solving the problem like this:
>> There seem to be ways to actually adapt
>> the *device* (though it'll void your warranty) ...
>> http://jochen.kirstaetter.name/blog/general/adjust-timezone-of-an-avm-fritzbox-7390.html
> But the way that is shown in the blog unfortunately is not applicable
> with the actual firmware fritz!os 6.30 that is installed on my device.

There are *two* methods shown in that blog article, and while "Solution
2" (telnet) has been marked as unusable from FW 6.30 on, nobody seems to
have reported "Solution 1" (restore a modified config backup) as
nonoperational yet ...

>> That doesn't strike me as a *good* reason to have manipulated time
>> pollute your local net / NTP.
> What are the concrete "pollution-risks"?

Other clients getting confused by an NTP server (either the Fritz!Box
itself or the one you introduce the offset in) that, contrary to the
basic assumptions of the *current* NTP protocol, gives out time that is
not based on UTC.

I would presume that your Fritz!Box is the defaultrouter of your local
network and DHCP server for part of it (the WiFi part in particular, if
it's also the AP), which implies a higher risk of clients stumbling over
it in an automated setup phase than if it were just another local server.

Also, if you only introduce an offset in the NTP server but let the
Fritz!Box still believe it's in Germany, it will *start and end DST*
according to German rules, which likely doesn't agree with your local DST.

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