[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.8 for Windows, not branded

William Unruh unruh at invalid.ca
Fri Jan 9 23:38:11 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-09, trackeroftime at gmail.com <trackeroftime at gmail.com> wrote:
> W dniu pi??tek, 9 stycznia 2015 20:46:37 UTC+1 u??ytkownik David Taylor napisa??:
>> On 09/01/2015 16:07, trackeroftime at gmail.com wrote:
>> > Thanks David,
>> >
>> > It is almost I'm asking but I guess (according to file names) there is not the latest final version (stable) but rather beta/devel or I am wrong.
>> >
>> > best regards
>> > Johny
>> Johny,
>> What I have their is the latest available.  It is in the "stable" branch 
>> (4.2.8) not the development branch, but it is a beta of 4.2.8p1.  Once 
>> released (I hope soon but I don't know), 4.2.8p1 will be the official 
>> stable version.
>> Version 4.2.8 ("p0") did not compile on quite a few systems.
>> Still confused?  Perhaps Harlan will clarify....
> Yes, it is still not clear for me. If p1 is the latest release so why the files are marked as beta4, beta5? It looks like rc version, not final.

If you want to install ntp, then 4.2.8 is the only option-- other
versions have severe security holes (although they can be ammeliorated).
So, you have three choices. a) run 4.2.8 and forget about worrying about
whether it is beta or zeta software
b) don't run ntpd
c) Run and earlier version but make sure that it is set up so tht the
security bugs are not exploitable. 

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