[ntp:questions] Linux NTPd using a older Trimble Thunderbolt GPS Receiver

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at tmsw.no
Tue Jan 20 20:59:30 UTC 2015

William Unruh wrote:
> On 2015-01-20, Rob <nomail at example.com> wrote:
>> It turns out that the device has a mode where you can SEND a pulse at
>> a moment you decide and then the device RETURNS the timestamp of that
>> pulse you sent in a serial message.
>> Presumably you can take a nanosecond timestamp and change the output line
>> as closest together as possible, then read the returned timestamp and
>> compare the two.
>> That is equivalent in precision to receiving a PPS pulse, maybe even better.
>> (because you don't have interrupt latency issues, the only issue is how
>> close the pulse moment can be to the reading of the system time)
> OK, that would certainly be a different situation. You could presumably
> read the clock and toggle the pin to sub microsecond precision. You
> would presumeably want a daemon to read the clock and toggle the pin,
> perhaps with interrupts turned off for the microsecond required so that they could not get between
> the two. Not sure how long a pulse it requires.

No need for that!

The easy fix is to simply read the local time twice, before and after 
toggling the bit:

If those two readings are too far apart (i.e. more than a few us) then 
something happened, like a time slice running out or an interrupt 
handler taking over the current core, in which case you simply discard 
the current reading.

You could also mark it with the timestamp distance so that it would be 
weighted less than a good sample.


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