[ntp:questions] ntp4.2.8p3 on Solaris11.2 (Sun Netra-T4)

brian utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Mon Jul 13 15:45:24 UTC 2015

I would suggest running ntpd again using truss:

truss -faled -o /tmp/ntp.truss -vioctl  /usr/local/libexec/ntpd -D 8

Once you have the truss file, you could post it here or send it to me or
post what you think are the relevant sections, whichever you are
comfortable with.

On 7/13/2015 4:15 AM, AOKI Tetsuo wrote:
> Hi lists,
> I'm running ntp4.2.8p3 on Solaris11.2 (Netra-T4). Now, I'm trying to enable
> ATOM module (PPS)
> I complied
> sh configure --enable-ATOM --enable-LOCAL-CLOCK --disable-ipv6 --with-ntpsnmpd=no
> and installed successfully.
> Because Netra-T4 lacks serial interface, I bought a perl serial card which support Solaris11
> https://www.perle.com/products/ultraport-serial-card.shtml
> It seems to be working, but when I tried to enable ATOM module by adding 
> server
> to /etc/ntp.conf
> there appeared an error message
> 13 Jul 16:55:10 ntpd[11162]: refclock_ppsapi: time_pps_create: Bad file number
> And this is the  part of debug messages with 
> /usr/local/libexec/ntpd -D 8
> refclock_ioctl: TIOCSPPS failed:: Invalid argument
> 13 Jul 17:05:56 ntpd[27590]: refclock_ppsapi: time_pps_create: Invalid argument
> What should I check to enable ATOM module?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> T. Aoki
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