[ntp:questions] Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to ntpd?

Erik Westrup erik.westrup at axis.com
Wed Mar 4 09:41:21 UTC 2015


I'm cross-compiling ntpd 4.2.8p1 to MIPS. However some times (quite 
often) I'm having trouble with the timestamps of the source files 
(automake-related files) so that the rules in the generated Makefile 
triggers rebuild of some automake stuff, in my case aclocal.m4.

The regeneration is very unpleasant since my computer uses a newer 
version of autotools (1.11.6) compared to the one that was uses to build 
the 4.2.8p1 tarball (1.11.1). The auto-files generated on my computer 
does not work at all, failing on missing ar-lib (why whould I need 
ar-lib on Linux? Seems to be a wrapper for some Windows lib.exe).

So what I would love to have is AM_MAINTAINER_MODE added to ntpd so that 
I can give the flag --disable-maintainer-mode and get a Makefile that 
does not try to rebuild the build system.


Can you please add this, it would simply the life of non-maintainers a 
lot! :-)

Looking at Makefile's aclocal.m4 target ($(ACLOCAL_M4):*), it seems to 
depend on sntp m4 files. I don't even want sntp so I give configure the 
flag --without-sntp, but the make rule for aclocal.m4 is still triggered.

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