[ntp:questions] Regarding "Study the usefulness of different clock models for NTP"

Dp Docs sdpan21 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 21:07:34 UTC 2015

I am Durgesh Pandey, CSD (Computer Science Duel Degree, B.tech In CS and MS
By Research In CS) student in International Institute of
Technology,III T- Hyderabad,India. I believe that I should not post it here
but I am not getting any response after posting it to GSOC mailing list So
i am forced to post it here as it is really important for me.
I want to one the above specified topic as a part of GSOC project. Can you
please provide me some Introductory reading Material on the Topic "Usefulness
of different clock models for NTP". It would be really helpful if you can
provide some reading material on the issues posted in second paragraph of
this link:
I really want to Do this Project and it would be helpful for my research
area So please provide some introductory materials. I would really
appreciate your effort for helping me.
Durgesh Pandey.

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