[ntp:questions] failing-over flaky upstream servers

Paul tik-tok at bodosom.net
Thu Mar 12 20:22:56 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 2:12 PM, Paul <paul-ntp-questions at lookmumnohands.net
> wrote:

>  As you'd well
> know, the PPS signal stops when the unit is tracking less than three
> satellites.

That's the win for a timing receiver.  It will have single satellite mode.

>  (The whole "prior to
> 4.2.8" thing is a bit of a worry.  On the face of it, it sounds like a
> regression, though no doubt there was a good reason for the change.
> Trouble is I'll now need to remember never to upgrade /for that
> particular reason/.)

 Your OP mentioned gpio which suggests to me some pain but if you're
running an OS that supports it building a PPS enabled kernel means you
don't need a "prefer" server.  But it also means you need to have a stable
pps source which means a GPSDO if you have a poor sky view.

Well, yes.  Maybe next time around!

Don't give up yet.  Get single-unit pricing on one of these first. <
http://www.jackson-labs.com/index.php/products/lte_lite> .  You'll have to
do a bit of work but nothing too onerous if you're driving a gpio at 3V3.

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