[ntp:questions] ntp.conf true and prefer option for server command

Tiwari, Dilip (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) dilip.tiwari at nokia.com
Thu Nov 12 05:49:04 UTC 2015


I was trying to configure ntp servers in my ntp.conf file.

As per my understanding if true option is used with it, it'll escape/survive select and cluster algorithm, and will always be selected as preferred server.
I used server command this way: server -4 <server IP>  true iburst minpoll 4 maxpoll 6

Then, after restarting the ntpd service, I see still it not preferring the true marked server.

If I use command this way:  server -4 <server IP>  prefer iburst minpoll 4 maxpoll 6
Still same result i.e. not preferring the prefer marked server.

Then I tried command this way : server -4 <server IP>  true prefer iburst minpoll 4 maxpoll 6
In this case it worked. Is it the right way to use both of them together? What could be the side effect of this approach? Why is it not working with only true or prefer?

And if I always want to use local clock for sync and mark it "true prefer", it's not working for local server.
server true prefer minpoll 4 # local clock

Thanks in advance !


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