[ntp:questions] ntp client does not sync with server after nic down and up

稻草人/nl 1227870243 at qq.com
Mon Jun 5 09:06:25 UTC 2017


i have a ntp server and client on suse with v 4.2.8p10.  both server and client have two ip in the same subnet, and client use this 2 ip sync with server,after long time test(8hours for ifconfig down and then up 2 nics), i found client cannot sync with server(saw a large value of "when" by ntqp command), and restart ntp will solve this, some time i found it will recover automatically in few hours.

i found i can ping each other but no packet on port123 between and server when problem occures.
flash code is 1200 for two assid

any ideas?

by the way, is there a document explaining how client connect to server when starting ntp and when and how client will reconnect to server after interface changed?


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